September news


On September 26 at 7pm we’ll be paying tribute to one of our all-time faves with a huge singalong!

No solos, no auditions and no commitment – just a big group sing of your favourite Elton John tunes!

Rock up alone and you’ll have heaps of fun but if you wanna invite a posse, check out our Facebook events page here.

Gleebers say “YES!”

If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to lend your voice to the “yes” campaign for marriage equality, here’s your chance and in the funnest way possible!

OnĀ October 3 we’ll be singing songs to celebrate love and will make a little video at the end to share with your family and friends and remind them to fill in their voting forms.

(Ofcourse, if you’d like to sing love songs but not be in a video, that’s totally fine. You can sing with us for the hour and then sneak out at the end and no one will mind!)